Our story.

I started Moonrise because my son needed a place to learn that wasn't school. A space designed for modern life - with flexible hours, healthy snacks, powerful technology, and friendly learning guides. Since 2019, I've gotten out of bed each morning to bring that vision to life. I'm excited to share that our first space is now open in beautiful downtown Decatur, GA. It's where my own kids will go to learn, and my team and I are excited to welcome yours.

If you have any questions before we open, you can text us at 706-284-9767 or email team@moonrise.com.

Chris Turner, Founder


What's your COVID protocol?

Safety is our first design principle at Moonrise. We take every reasonable precaution necessary to protect our members, including mandatory vaccinations for staff, touchless drop-ins and pickups, and daily surface cleanings.

Where are you located?

Our first space is open at 116 E. Trinity Place in Decatur, GA.

Who will be helping my kids?

We hire incredible learning guides who get to know your kids, guide them to resources, and help them work through problems. Our guides are well paid, highly trained, and carefully selected for warmth, trust, and positivity.

What's the staff to child ratio?

We average a 12:1 staff to child ratio at Moonrise. Our culture empowers agency and self-direction in our members, and our blended age groups reinforce learning as older members help younger ones.

When will you open?

Our first space is now open in Downtown Decatur. Our hours are 9am-9pm, including weekends and summers.

How much is membership?

Membership is $250/mo per member for unlimited drop-ins.

Can I speak with someone?

Yes! You can text our founder directly at 706-284-9767. You can also email us at team@moonrise.com.

Still have questions? Email us at team@moonrise.com.