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Moonrise was founded in Decatur, GA. It's our hometown, and we love it here. Read on to learn about how we're bringing homeschoolers and kids who learn differently together in Downtown Decatur.

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Our first colearning space opened in Decatur, GA on December 20th, 2021. A few months after launch, we noticed that homeschoolers were using the space exactly as we designed it. They recorded podcasts in our studio. They read books in our library. They made things in our makerspace. So we thought, "This is the best version of Moonrise. A space to bring homeschoolers and kids who learn differently together under one roof."


School comes pre-packaged with events, traditions, and community. But when you homeschool, all of those things fall on your shoulders. At Moonrise, we host member events, annual holidays, field trips, and fun traditions to bring our community together in Decatur. Our personal favorite is Apollo Day, a holiday we invented to celebrate the anniversary of the moon landing.


We talk about our guides a lot around here, but they really are amazing. Most of them were either homeschooled as kids or have experience working with homeschoolers. At our Decatur space, you're welcome to visit us anytime to say hello and introduce yourself. We're excited to meet you.

Getting here.

Moonrise is located at 116 E. Trinity Place, Decatur, GA 30030. We recommend parking next to Ponko Chicken at the Church Street entrance. As long as you visit for less than 30 minutes, you shouldn't have to pay for parking. We've never had a guest get a ticket. If you're taking Marta, exit at the Decatur station, walk to Church Street, pass Victory Sandwich Bar, and you'll see us in the large parking lot. You can't miss the colorful sign.

Homeschoolers learn together at Moonrise.

Think outside
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Colearning empowers creativity, wellness, and play without sacrificing academic performance or socialization. It's an entirely new model of education that's more accessible, affordable, and convenient than schools, leaving kids happier, more creative, and prepared for the future.