Only the best.

Hiring guides is the most important thing we do at Moonrise. We're extremely careful with who we bring into our spaces, and select only those we consider to be in the top 1% of educators. Aside from experience, we look for intangibles like strong presence, positive energy, and that special quality of building trust with kids. If we don't say "hell yes", it's a no.

We invest in their training.

Moonrise is creating the gold standard for colearning guide certification. Every one of our guides goes through a rigorous training process where they learn the ins-and-outs of colearning. Once certified, we continue to invest in their professional development by paying for books, classes, meetups, and more.

We give them autonomy.

Once certified, we give our guides the freedom to do their best work. Every guide brings a unique and special energy to our spaces. We love seeing their passion shine as they inspire kids to explore their curiosities and break through barriers.