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Build a human.

Moonrise is a world where kids build things and learn together. If you want to raise creative, independent kids on a flexible schedule, there's nothing else like it.

The world of moonrise

Magical spaces
Friendly guides
Built-in community
"A model for more joyful learning, parenting and human flourishing."

It's not Hogwarts. But it's close.

We built a flexible learning space designed to nurture creativity, independent thinking, and wellness. Kids can drop in anytime from 9am-9pm, including weekends and summers. Some call it the future of learning. We call it Moonrise.

Space for

Homeschooling and unschooling
Virtual learning and afterschool
Evenings, weekends, and summers
Our space

In the neighborhood. Miles from ordinary.

Moonrise is located at 116 E. Trinity Place in beautiful downtown Decatur, GA. Drop by for a tour and see our space for yourself. We're open every day from 9am-9pm, including weekends and summers. Our guides will answer all your questions.

Visit Moonrise

Meet Olive Abercrombie, an eleven year old actress and filmmaker. One day she visited Moonrise and made a commercial for us on her iPad. We didn't ask her to. She just did it.

We'll be your guide.

Moonrise is staffed by guides. They are creative learning professionals who love working with kids. You can think of them as personal trainers for the mind. We give them autonomy to do their best work.

Guides who

Get to know your kids
Motivate them to push past limits
Teach them how to use our creative tools
Our guides

"One of my favorite things about working at Moonrise is recording music with our risers."

Julie Kim

It takes a village.

Moonrise gives kids space to build things and learn with friends. And with member events, holidays, and built-in community, you'll make friends too.


Family Sundays
Apollo Day
Meet other parents
Our community