Go indie.

Moonrise pays you a stable income to do what you love.

Not freelancing.

Moonrise gives you the stability of a job with the independence of freelancing. It's a brand new way to work on your own terms.

Indie work.

You love being your own boss. Financial insecurity? Not so much. Moonrise pays you a stable income to work independently. Why has no one done this before? Because it's hard. We did it anyway.

why moonrise?

Get paid every day

Moonrise has your back, no matter what's happening with your clients.

Hone your craft

Focus on your work instead of chasing down clients for payments.

Be less lonely

Join a warm, friendly community of vetted creative professionals.

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Get salary.

Financial security is now at your fingertips.

Connect your bank

Connect your bank, answer a few questions, and get a personalized salary and benefits offer in minutes.

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Accept your offer

Your salary offer is guaranteed. We pay you every single day, no matter what's happening with your clients.

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Start on your terms

Choose your own clients and projects. Instead of going it alone, you'll join a community of indie creatives like you.

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Made with love
for indie creatives.

It takes guts to go full-time on your craft. We built Moonrise to support you every step of the way.

Who we serve
  • Designers

  • Photographers

  • Founders

  • Musicians

  • Programmers

  • And more

Simple, fair pricing.

We guarantee you a stable salary. As you grow, you pay a small share of your income. Usually around 10%. Easy peasy.

Better work.
Better world.

Work is a choice between security and freedom. We're on a mission to change that. Let's build a better world through better work.

Our values


Be free to move, work on your terms, and do the work you find meaningful.


Your ability to create is what makes you uniquely human. Set it free.

Peace of mind

Doing work you love makes the world better. It should not risk your livelihood.