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Kids are the most authentic, creative people on the planet. But our education system hasn't always treated them that way. At Moonrise, we're building a brand new system. One reimagined for modern life.

Rise & shine.

With personalized learning plans, on-demand childcare, and beautiful spaces to play and explore, your kids will grow into creative, independent thinkers who love learning. As a parent, you'll love the flexible schedule, affordable membership, and built-in community. Moonrise isn't a school. It's a brand new education system, designed for modern life.

Holistic learning

Flexible childcare

Inspiring spaces

Built-in community

Think outside
the books

Say goodbye to lectures, grades, and homework. Our holistic learning approach is built for young attention spans with play, exploration, and curiosity in mind. We go beyond math and reading and expose kids to subjects typically ignored by our education system, including chess, healthy eating, philosophy, computer programming, yoga, and robotics, just to name a few.

Backed by science

Our holistic learning approach is supported by research from Harvard Project Zero, MIT Lifelong Kindergarten, The Greater Good Science Center at UC Berkley, David Deutsch, John Taylor Gatto, Sir Ken Robinson, and Andy Matuschak.

Meet your guide

Start off with a quick FaceTime to chat about your child's interests, talents, and personality. Our learning guides are the heart of Moonrise, and we select only those we consider to be in the top 1% of educators.

Start your plan

Your guide will kickoff each week by delivering a personalized holistic learning plan for your child. The plan is designed around your child's interests, skill level, and available resources to inspire curiosity, exploration, and play.

Track their progress

Every class and project your child completes will be added to a learning profile. Your guide will use this profile to share feedback, tweak your learning plan, and share insights so you can follow your child's learning journey.

Learn from the best

Our learning guides are board certified teachers who we feel represent the top 1% of their craft. They discover your child's unique interests, ask lots of questions, guide them to resources, share feedback, and challenge them to push beyond perceived limits. We pay them well, invest in their training, and give them autonomy to do their best work. Kelly, a founding guide, was named 2019 Teacher of the Year in Washington D.C.

A plan unique to your child

Your guide-designed holistic learning plan is a clear roadmap to raising a creative, independent lifelong learner. The plan is designed around your child's interests, skill level, personality, and available resources. You can track progress over time, make adjustments, and communicate 1-on-1 with your learning guide.

Put family on your schedule

Moonrise is designed for modern families who need flexibility, convenience, and access. Drop your kids off at any of our inviting spaces from 7am-7pm, including summers. When they're here with us, you can call or text throughout the day. Our guides share photo updates to keep you posted.

Built-in community

Moonrise gives your kids a place to make friends, play freely, and learn together. And since membership comes with monthly events, workshops, and a built-in community of parents, you'll make friends too.

Send your kids to space

Our beautiful learning spaces are designed for kids to play, explore, and make friends. Membership includes access to creative tools, hundreds of books and kids magazines, reading nooks, private study rooms, modern toys, comfy couches, keycard entry, healthy snacks, a makerspace, member-only events, guest speakers, art stations, and super-fast WiFi.

Safety first.

We're taking all the steps to keep our spaces safe in the era of COVID-19 and beyond. For starters, we're installing HEPA air filters, scheduling daily cleanings, and regularly checking our staff. Our spaces are secured with keycard entry, video surveillance, and a zero-bullying policy. Guides are background checked and CPR certified.


Moonrise families spend more time together, feel more connected to their community, and are more prepared for the future.



Personalized learning plan

Whole-child approach

Flexible schedule

Beautiful spaces

No homework

Future ready


Is this a school?

Legally, yes. Moonrise is licensed and accredited as a private school. But that's about where the similarities end. We have learning guides, not teachers. Members, not students. Personalized learning plans, not standardized classes. Comfy chairs, not desks.

Who can join?

Moonrise is for kids ages 4-11. Research strongly supports the idea that kids learn best in mixed aged groups. Younger children benefit from having relatable role models and mentors, and older children gain more independence and responsibility. When you remove labels like "below grade level", kids adopt a growth mindset where learning is viewed as a process, not an outcome.

Do I have to pull my kids out of school to join?

Nope. You can use Moonrise for aftercare, supplemental learning, or for on-demand childcare when you need some me time. We have a feeling you'll want to stick around.

Where are you located?

Our first space is opening this fall in Downtown Decatur next to Dancing Goats. The pictures you see above are renderings we commissioned for the space.

Do you provide food?

Our spaces are stocked with healthy snacks available for purchase. Anything your child buys gets added to your monthly subscription.

Holistic learning

Flexible childcare

Inspiring spaces

Built-in community

Our vision

Being creative means we can solve any problem that's not physically impossible. If you care about solving our biggest problems, from cancer to climate change, you look for barriers to creativity. Today, the biggest barrier to creativity is our education system. That's why we started Moonrise. We're building an entire generation of creative, independent minds who have the skills and ambition to tackle the world's biggest problems.