Build a human.

Kids are the most authentic, creative people on the planet. But our education system hasn’t always treated them that way. Moonrise is a colearning space where kids are free to play, build things, and learn together. It’s a space just for them in a world designed for adults. Drop them off anytime from 7am-9pm, including weekends and summer.

Give them space

Kids learn best when given the freedom to play and explore. Moonrise gives them access to creative tools, hundreds of books and magazines, reading nooks, a makerspace, private study rooms, modern toys, comfy couches, keycard entry, healthy snacks, an art studio, and super-fast WiFi.

Learning guides

We hire incredible guides who get to know your child, guide them to resources, and inspire their learning.


We stock our colearning spaces with creative tools, art supplies, 3D printers, legos, and much more.

Reading nooks

When your kid needs quiet time to read or study, our reading nooks and private rooms have you covered.

Kids cafe

When kids feel better, they learn better. Our smoothies and power bowls give them a delicious boost.

Holistic learning

Flexible childcare

Inspiring spaces

Built-in community

Have time to yourself

From date nights to homeschooling, Moonrise makes it easy for you to put family on your schedule. We’re open every day from 7am-9pm, including weekends and summer. Your kids will love being here while you get some me-time.

Think outside the books

Our holistic learning approach is built for young attention spans with play, exploration, and curiosity in mind. It’s supported by research from Harvard Project Zero, MIT Lifelong Kindergarten, David Deutsch, John Taylor Gatto, Sir Ken Robinson, and Andy Matuschak, and more.

Holistic learning

Flexible childcare

Inspiring spaces

Built-in community


Make choices.


Discover new ideas.


Follow interests.


Have fun.


Form connections.


Build things.

Join a community

Moonrise gives your kids a place to make friends, play freely, and learn together. And since membership comes with monthly events, workshops, and a built-in community of parents, you'll make friends too.

Flex your schedule

Moonrise is designed for modern families who need flexibility, convenience, and access. You can use Moonrise for homeschooling, aftercare, tutoring, play dates, summer camps, or even to run a few errands.


Moonrise is perfect for homeschool families who want a space to make friends and learn together.


Have a go-to space for your kids to hang out when you need some extra time to yourself.


Give your kids their own space to play, explore, and grow each afternoon when school gets out.


Need to run a few errands? Maybe go to a brewery? No worries. We stay open on the weekends.

Holistic learning

Flexible childcare

Inspiring spaces

Built-in community

Stay close from anywhere

While your kids are here with us, you can text, call, or video chat with them anytime to see how their day is going. Our learning guides share photo and video updates throughout the day so you’ll always feel close, even when you’re not.


What's colearning?

Colearning empowers children to learn in shared spaces with adult supervision. Just like coworking spaces gave adults a place to work outside of their home and office, colearning gives kids a place to learn outside of home and school.

Is this a school?

Legally, yes. Moonrise is licensed and accredited as a private school. But that's about where the similarities end. We have learning guides, not teachers. Members, not students. Comfy chairs, not desks.

How do you keep kids safe?

Our spaces are secured with keycard entry, video surveillance, and a zero-bullying policy. Guides are background checked and CPR certified. During the pandemic, we're installing HEPA air filters, scheduling daily cleanings, and regularly checking our staff.

Who can join?

Moonrise is for kids ages 5-11. Research strongly supports the idea that kids learn best in mixed aged groups. Younger children benefit from having relatable role models and mentors, and older children gain more independence and responsibility. When you remove labels like "below grade level", kids adopt a growth mindset where learning is viewed as a process, not an outcome.

Where are you located?

Our first space is opening in April 2021. We'll be expanding throughout metro Atlanta over the next 18 months.