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with Moonrise.

With beautiful spaces, real-world experiences, and built-in community, Moonrise is a magical world where kids are free to learn.

Beautiful spaces
where you can drop
your kids off any day, including weekends and summers

Real-world experiences,
projects, clubs, trips, challenges, and classes, hosted by learning guides who get to know your kids

Built-in community
so your kids can make friends and be part of something bigger than themselves

It's not Hogwarts.
But it's close.

Kids are the best humans. So we built a world just for them. Beautiful spaces where they can build things, make friends, and learn together. Friendly guides who motivate them to push past limits. Real-world experiences in subjects like space exploration, climate change, and healthy cooking. Built-in community where they can be part of something bigger than themselves. Some call it the future of learning. We call it Moonrise.

Makerspace with real tools and bottomless arts and crafts.

Studio with real professional recording equipment.

Library with rolling ladder, reading nooks, and curated selection.

100+ plants, massive windows and tons of natural sunlight.

Healthy snacks included with every single membership.

Good music, comfy couches, rock pillows, and hardwood tables.

Projects, field trips, and tools, oh my.

At Moonrise, kids learn in the real world with hands-on tools and experiences designed to ignite their curiosity and love of learning. Whether it's science experiments, filming movies, or writing music, we give them all the best things that don't fit in your house.

like recording songs, coding games, and writing graphic novels

Field trips
to forests, museums, small businesses, local farms, and zoos

Real tools
like 3D printers, iPad pros, microscopes, and studio equipment

Hey I've got friends,
of all ages.

At Moonrise, kids make lifelong friends they see every week. With member events, clubs, field trips, dances, picture day, and special holidays, it's homeschooling on another dimension.

Member events like Apollo Day, Family Sunday, & holiday parties.

Built-in community
with a network of families who are there for you.

Best parts of school
like picture day, field trips, yearbook, and theater.

You time. Anytime.

Moonrise puts learning on your schedule. You can work, run errands, do yoga, and get some much needed time to yourself. And since we're open late on Fridays, you even get a built-in weekly date night. Your kids will love it, and between us, you deserve it.

Get some work done while your kids learn here with friends

Have time to yourself for yoga, shopping, a nap, you name it.

Magic date nights with late nights every Friday until 9pm.

Be with

Moonrise gives kids space to make friends, build things, and learn together. And with member events, picture day, and field trips, we took the best parts of school and made them even better for homeschool.

member events

make friends

Picture day, field trips, and more

It's a
wonderful life.

Homeschooling doesn’t have to mean quitting your job or spending all day in the house with your kids. Moonrise gives you the flexibility to put learning on your schedule. You can work full-time, travel, sleep in, eat breakfast together, run errands, work out, and get some time alone. And since we're open late on Fridays, you even get a built-in weekly date night.

Learn Differently


Solo Homeschool

Safe environment

Personalized learning

Flexible schedule

More family time

Summers included

Flexible childcare

Beautiful spaces

Built-in socialization

Expert guidance

Real-world projects and tools

Field trips and clubs

The best parts of school

You can work

Magic date night

Meet Olive.

We could share all the great reviews we've gotten from our members. But think you'd like this video better. Olive Abercrombie is a homeschooled actress and filmmaker. She visited Moonrise and made a video for us on her iPad. We didn't ask her to.

What do
Da Vinci
and Swift
have in common?

They were homeschooled

Along with Andrew Carnegie, Billie Eilish, Charles Dickens, Mark Twain, Tim Tebow, Alexander Graham Bell, C.S. Lewis, Benjamin Franklin, Alanis Morissette, Thomas Jefferson, J.R.R Tolkien, Simone Biles, Emma Watson, Lewis Carroll, Theodore Roosevelt, Ryan Gosling, Susan B. Anthony, George Washington, Walt Whitman, Ernest Shackleton, George Patton, and Florence Nightingale.