Grand opening special
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Build a human.

Drop your kids off anytime for $250/mo, including evenings, weekends, and summers.
"A model for more joyful learning, parenting and human flourishing."

Give them space.

With a podcast studio, learning guides, and built-in community, Moonrise is a space designed to nurture creativity, independent thinking, and wellness. Kids are members here, not students.

Space for

Virtual learning
Evenings out

You time.

At Moonrise your kids can drop-in anytime from 7am-9pm, including weekends and summers. Use that time to meditate, workout, go on a date, or take a nap. While they're here, we'll share real time photo and video updates so you can stay close, even when you're not.

Think outside the books.

We obsess over one thing: building the best learning environment for kids. With hands-on workshops, comfy couches, a member library and more, your kids will love being here.

Raise kids who

Build things from scratch
Think independently
Read books for fun
Learn by doing
Feel happy and healthy

Make friends with Orbits.

Orbits are how we do community at Moonrise. When your kids make friends here, they magically appear in your Orbit. Anytime a friend drops-in, we send you a friendly notification. And since Orbits connect you with other parents for monthly events and evenings out, you'll make friends too.

It's not Hogwarts, but it's close.

Moonrise is coming 12/11 to downtown Decatur, GA. Join our waitlist to get unlimited drop-ins, exclusive merch, and an invitation to our grand opening celebration.

Membership Includes

Makerspace and podcast studio
Reading nooks and quiet rooms
Member events and built-in community
Healthy snacks, comfy couches, and good music
Creative tools and craft supplies