Go indie.

Earn a salary to work for yourself.

Go indie.

Earn a salary to work for yourself.

Work is a choice.
If you freelance, you're not secure.
If you have a job, you're not free.
We created Moonrise to fix that.
To make work secure and free.


Moonrise lets you sell your time as a subscription. When people subscribe to you, they pay monthly for time you share on a recurring basis. No chasing down checks. No flaky clients. No more feast and famine. It's a stable income, just like having a job.


Unlike a job, Moonrise lets you own your time. You choose what you do and how much time you want to share. Want to specialize in platypus photography? Be our guest. You'll spend 80,000 hours working during your life. We want you to love every second.

Create your dream job.

1. Choose work

From boxing coach to forensic archeologist, you can be anything on Moonrise. The more niche, the better.

2. Own time

Choose exactly how much time you want to set aside on Moonrise. Start with as little as 15 minutes a month.

3. Go indie

Launch your dream job and share your work with the world. You're free to do what you love with a stable income.

Be yourself, with others.

Moonrise is an invite-only community of knowledge workers and service providers who think and create for a living. We're designers, coaches, programmers, teachers, scientists, and so much more.

Simple, fair pricing.

Free the humans.

Moonrise is on a mission to help everyone work for themselves. What you see today is just the beginning. Join us.