In your neighborhood.
Out of this world.

Moonrise launches in Atlanta this August. If you'd like us to open a space in your neighborhood, email us. Keep reading to learn more about what's included in every Moonrise location.

Build real things with real tools.

Kids need meaningful work just like adults. Our built-in maker space with real tools gives them a sense of responsibility and freedom that toys can't match. Our guides are there to keep them safe as they work on projects and build things from scratch.

Make yourself comfortable.

Moonrise is filled with comfy couches, reading nooks, healthy snacks, and modern amenities. When kids are comfortable, they stay focused on what they're learning.

Do some light reading.

Every space includes a library of books and magazines to spark each child's imagination and further their development. We're constantly adding to our collection and gladly take requests.

Go outside.
Rain or shine.

Kids need time outside. That's why every Moonrise location has a greenspace within walking distance. We go outside every day, rain or shine, and make sure to get plenty of exercise along the way.

Safe and sound.

Our spaces are secured with keycard entry, video surveillance, and a zero-bullying policy. Guides are background checked and CPR certified. We send our kids here too. This stuff is important.