What is Moonrise?

Moonrise is a world where kids build things and learn togther.

What's a riser?

Risers are kids who learn differently. They question things and think for themselves. Moonrise is for risers ages 5-15. It’s a world where they can be creative and free.

What age groups do you serve?

Moonrise is for risers ages 5-15. Blended age groups reinforce learning as older risers help younger ones.

Do you separate kids into different age groups?

No. Risers learn best when they are surrounded by people of different ages.

Is there a curriculum?

No. Moonrise is a world, not a school. Our culture empowers creativity and agency in our risers, and we believe those are the most valuable skills in life.

What's a guide?

Guides are creative learning professionals at Moonrise. Think of them as personal trainers for the mind. They get to know our risers, show them how to use our tools, host workshops and member events, and motivate them to push past limits. We pay them well, invest in their growth, and give them autonomy to do their best work.

What are the qualifications to becoming a guide?

We look for guides who have a magic quality with kids. They motivate without being pushy. They model our values and gain energy from being with our risers. They thrive in open-ended environments without rigid structure and rules. Every guide goes through our training program, which includes reading our guidebook and spending at least one week on the job before they are hired on salary.

What is the staff to child ratio?

We average a 10:1 ratio.

Are there structured activities?

Yes, our guides host creative workshops every day. But the real magic of Moonrise is unstructured learning, just like the real world.

What's a workshop?

Workshops are creative projects that empower risers to learn by doing. Our guides host a new workshop every day, covering a wide array of skills like engineering, podcasting, and painting.

Can we tour the space?

Absolutely! Just email us and we’ll make it happen.

Can we bring friends?

Risers can bring friends (and their younger or older siblings) to any Family Sunday on the last Sunday of every month.

What are Family Sundays?

Family Sundays are events where family and friends come together to learn and play. Enjoy a game of Giant Jenga with your neighbor, create a podcast with your son or daughter, or paint a masterpiece with your little ones.

How long is a visit?

We encourage 1-3 hours per visit at Moonrise. It’s an honor system, and we ask Guardians to use Moonrise responsibly.

Is there a limit to how much we can visit each month?

We encourage 1-3 visits per week at Moonrise. We have a drop-in model, so as long as we have capacity, risers are always welcome to visit.

Can I book in advance?

No. Moonrise uses a drop-in model. You are welcome to visit as long as we have capacity.

What is your capacity?

Our Decatur space can accommodate 60 risers at one time.

Are masks required?

Masks are currently recommended, but not required in our Decatur space.

Are there screens available?

We have two iPad Pros, a VR headset, and a large television at Moonrise. All screens are used to empower creativity and wellness. Risers are welcome to bring their own devices.

Do you monitor screen time?

We encourage our risers to regulate themselves and their time at Moonrise. If there is a specific activity you would like your riser to work on at Moonrise, our guides are happy to facilitate.

Do you have day passes?

Moonrise is only for risers and their families. We’re very intentional about the world we’re building and the community that comes with it.

Do you sell food?

Yes! We have healthy snacks available for purchase. All snacks are $1.50.

Can we bring food?

Yes. But please do your best to bring healthy foods and snacks from home. We discourage bringing food from restaurants.

How do I add a guardian to pick up and drop off my risers?

Email us anytime to add an approved Guardian. Just give us their name and phone number and we'll make it happen.

Can I speak with someone?

Yes! Feel free to stop by our space or email us. If you’d like to speak over the phone, start with email and we’ll set up a time to chat.

Who is allowed to pick up and drop off my risers?

After you sign up for Moonrise, you can add appoved guardians with a name and phone number. Only approved guardians may drop off and pick up risers.

Can my risers bring things to Moonrise?

Yes, risers can bring devices, books, and other non-disruptive items with them to Moonrise.

Where are you located?

Our first space is open at 116 E. Trinity Place in Decatur, GA.

Still have questions? Email us at team@moonrise.com.