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Our story.

We now live in a world of infinite information. From the palm of my hand, my son can watch the moon landing on YouTube, take an astronomy class from Harvard, and listen to a podcast with Buzz Aldrin. Anything he could want to learn, from Minecraft to quantum physics, is waiting for him online in an engaging format led by passionate teachers. And if the tools for learning are already incredible, just imagine how they'll be in 10 years.

So why hasn't our education system changed in the last two decades? Why do schools still teach the same subjects, in the same format, to the same age groups, in the same classrooms, on the same schedule? Reimagining education is the biggest opportunity in modern history. It's the opportunity at the root of all other opportunities, from curing cancer to sustainable energy.

So when my son started pre-k back in 2019, I dedicated myself to building it. Here's what I found. Learning is only half of what goes on at school. The other half is childcare. But schools have a monopoly on childcare for kids five and older. If you break up the monopoly, you can build an entirely new world. One that empowers creativity and independence, not standardization and obedience. That's why I started Moonrise.

Our mission is to build the real world for kids.

Chris Turner

Moonrise founder Chris Turner delivers a speech in front of homeschoolers at our inaugural Apollo Day celebration in Decatur, GA.

Here's to
the risers.

Moonrise is for kids who don't fit into our one-size-fits-all education system. We call them risers. They're the Harry Potters, Serena Williams, and Elon Musks of the world. We built a safe space for risers to be themselves. A place without limits where they can be with other risers, build things, and learn together.

A young riser who learns differently.