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The real world
for kids.

At Moonrise, your kids learn with projects, events, trips, clubs, and workshops led by expert guides. Whether its forest walks, programming a own video game, or annual expeditions to Costa Rica, Risers gain real-world experience and learn by doing.

Go outside.

Learning happens everywhere. That's why we let you drop your kids off with our learning guides in forests, parks, museums, local businesses, and theaters. When we say we're building the real world for kids, we mean that literally.


Local businesses

Easy like
Sunday morning.

The last Sunday of every month, we bring the community together for Family Sunday - a coffee and waffles brunch. But we don't stop there. On July 20th, we host Apollo Day - our annual celebration of the Apollo 11 moon landing. It's our biggest party of the year. And, we stay open until 9pm once a week for Friday Night Films. It's a built-in weekly date night for you, and a movie night for your kids and their Riser friends.


Family Sunday
Apollo Day
Friday Night Films
Holiday Parties

Join the club.

Clubs are fun ways for your kids to hang out with friends who share their obsessions. At Moonrise, our risers organize their own clubs around a growing list of interests. We give them the space and get out of their way.




At Moonrise, kids compete in monthly challenges like writing poetry, building Minecraft worlds, and running science experiments. When the challenge is over, we review their work, give them feedback, and select a winner who gets a secret prize and bragging rights for the month.


Be yourself
Make friends
Plan visits together
Get support
Book experiences

Get ready for
your closeup.

Once a year, we host our own spin on picture day. Instead of canned poses in front of colorful backgrounds, we hire a professional photographer to take candid shots and videos of our risers while they hang out in our space.

Picture day

Candid photos
Videos too
Pro photographer
Free with membership

See the world.

With Moonrise Expeditions, your family can join us for adventures both domestic and abroad. From camping trips to see the total solar eclipse, to our 2023 excursions in the rainforests of Costa Rica, you’ll see the world and make lifelong friends.


Every year