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Open a Moonrise.

If you love kids and bringing out the best in others, there's nothing else like running a Moonrise. You'll earn a great living, learn constantly, and help empower kids to grow into creative, independent thinkers.

Only the best.

The team you build is the company you build. That’s why we’re especially thoughtful about vetting, selecting, training, and supporting the people we go into business with at Moonrise. It’s more important than any space we design, any experience we offer, or any city we operate in.

As a Community Lead, you'll work full-time managing a Moonrise location in your local community. If you’re looking for passive income, a side hustle, or to diversify your portfolio, this isn’t for you.

Who you are

Quality obsessed

Mission critical.

Every problem flows downstream from human creativity, from curing cancer to reversing climate change. At Moonrise, we believe the greatest opportunity for progress is to raise humans in environments that empower creativity.

Being a Community Lead means waking up every day to work on this important mission. You’ll get to know hundreds of families, give kids a space to be creative and free, and build the future of learning.

You believe in

Human creativity
Child autonomy
Self-directed learning

A family business.

Moonrise might be the only company where you can bring your kids to work every day. You’re not just a Community Lead. You’re a customer! This helps you understand Moonrise at a deeper level and think of brand new ways to improve the experience.

Need time away from your kids? You know where to take them.

Love your work

Free childcare
Help your community
Bring your kids

Financial freedom.

Community Leads earn a base salary, a profit share, and stock in the company as a whole. We’ve created a clear path to wealth and financial independence for the right person who puts everything on the line to advance our mission.

reap the benefits

Meaningful work
Profit share
Stock options
Flexible terms

Built-in software.

As Community Lead, you'll have unlimited access to the Moonrise app. It’s everything you need to run a location, including messages, community feeds, payments, member management, and a growing library of live, on-demand, and in-person learning experiences.

All in one place

Billing & support
Member communication
Training & staffing
Learning experience

Do what matters.

We handle location selection, branding, design, buildout, go-to market, marketing, learning experiences, finances, insurance, compliance, and software. Your job is to build relationships, manage staff, work with local vendors, run a tight ship, keep Moonrise clean and well stocked, plan events, and ensure the best possible experience for our families.

We Cover

Design and buildout
Finances and insurance
Software and support

Make a life,
and a great living.

Once you're approved to open a Moonrise, our team will handhold you through the entire process. We'll provide the funding, select a site, design the architectural plans, and support you through buildout and beyond.

We'll stay with you for life, ensuring that your Moonrise is safe, well-operated, profitable, and running at the highest possible standard of quality. With a base salary and profit share, you'll be well on your way to earning a great living doing meaningful work you care about.

How it works

We build a location
You run it with our support
Earn a salary & profit share


Recently, we’ve blown up and received global attention, which has motivated us to start planning for expansion. We are looking for people who get scrappy and pull locations out of us.

If you'd like to be a Community Lead,  fill out this form. Show us that you're serious about opening a Moonrise, tell us about yourself and why you're interested, and explain why your neighborhood would be perfect.

5 steps

Reach out with an email
Interview and meet the team
Complete our selection process
Get approved and start buildout
Launch your local Moonrise