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Learn together.

Moonrise gives kids space to learn outside of home and school. We believe that by raising human beings in environments that promote creativity, independence, and wellbeing, we can unlock a future for humanity that is unimaginably beautiful. It's not school or daycare. It's a whole new world.

It's not co-op.
It's colearning.

We’ve reimagined the homeschool co-op as a colearning space. Kids get unlimited access to beautiful spaces, real-world experiences, powerful creative tools, and inspiring guides. Behind it all is a thriving community of families who support you and share your values.

“My children love it here. They enjoy the crafts, books, games, media room, and time spent being creative with new friends and staff. The ability to drop in whenever has been wonderful. I can get weeknights or weekends to catch up on work or do child-free activities.”

- Jennifer Salazar, parent from Georgia

Your child gets

Unlimited access
Field trips
Beautiful spaces

is everything.

You don't have to do it alone. At Moonrise, community is baked into everything we do - from member events like Family Sundays to an app where you can meet other parents, plan visits together, and learn from a growing library of resources. This commitment goes well beyond our four walls.  Soon you'll be able to drop your kids off with Moonrise guides in parks, forests, theaters, workshops, and local businesses. It's the first big step towards our mission to build the real world for kids.

Built-in Community

Be yourself
Make friends
Plan visits together
Get support
Book experiences


At Moonrise, kids are surrounded by friends and peers, just like in traditional schools. But unlike schools, where kids spend most of their time sitting quietly in same-age classrooms, risers learn and build things with friends and guides of all ages. They also form deeper bonds with their parents.

make friends

Mixed ages
Team projects
Field trips
Member events
Holidays and traditions
Built-in community

Future readiness.

School was built for a time when work meant a lifetime 9-5 office or factory job. Moonrise is built for the modern world, where work is increasingly remote, flexible, tech-enabled, and creative. Kids learn best when they work together on meaningful projects using the latest technology.

build the future

Flexible hours
Remote friendly


Most schools are open from 8am-3pm and close during the summer. Private schools are prohibitively expensive, charter schools are lotteries, and public schools have zoning restrictions. Moonrise solves these problems by giving families a flexible place for kids to learn and make friends close to home. We give parents a real choice in where their kids learn, rather than being stuck with zoning restrictions that force painful and expensive compromises.

homeschool for all

Open 9am-6pm
Late on Fridays
Summers included
No zoning restrictions
Enroll anytime in minutes


There is mounting scientific evidence that schools are stifling creativity. In a famous study conducted by NASA, 98% of kindergarteners scored at "genius level" for divergent thinking. By the time they reached adulthood, only 2% passed the test. Moonrise empowers creativity by raising kids in environments that promote freedom, curiosity, experimentation, and rapid feedback.

we empower



Schools are known for desks, bells, cafeteria food, concrete walls, lectures, grades, homework, and increasing academic pressure. Moonrise flips this paradigm with couches, plants, natural sunlight, beautiful music, flexible hours, meaningful projects, and inspiring learning guides.

our Environment

Big windows
Lots of plants
Hardwood tables
Comfortable seating
Relaxing music
Healthy snacks


Play is so important to a child's development that the UN recognizes it as a fundamental human right. It is linked to growth in memory, self-regulation, oral language, social development, and literacy. When children play, they become more focused, have greater attention spans, and perform better academically. Moonrise is filled with creative tools, learning materials, and experiences which empower Risers to play.

Kids play with

VR & tech games
Board games
Legos & Robots
Nugget couches