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A new world for homeschoolers

Drop your kids off anytime at your local Moonrise. Our inspiring guides will be here to help as your kids learn and make friends. And you get support from other parents, free family events, and a thriving community.

Designed to be
a no-brainer.

Our pro plan is perfect for families who value flexibility. For only $299/month per child, you can drop off your kids any day you want, weekends and summers included. Most risers work through their curriculum at home and spend 1-3 days a week at Moonrise.

There’s no commitment, no enrollment fees, and no pressure. We’re here for you, whatever that means.

Open all year round

9am-6pm on weekdays
9am-9pm on Friday
12-6pm on weekends

Everything you
dream of is here.

Surrounded by plants and sunlight, each space includes a studio for music and podcasts, a makerspace for crafts and inventions, a library for bookworms, and a garden for green thumbs. Our expert guides also host incredible experiences throughout your city like clubs, workshops, field trips, and family events. We even go abroad once a year.

With hands-on learning, socialization, and community all in one place, Moonrise is quite literally a world for homeschoolers.

A world at
your fingertips.

The best things in life are hard. But we believe in a world where homeschooling is convenient and delightful. Our platform provides a one-stop-shop where you can connect with other Moonrise parents, view a calendar of clubs, challenges, field trips, and workshops, coordinate meet-ups, and build deep friendships with other families.

It's as easy as Instagram, but way better for you.

All in one place

See experiences
Coordinate visits
Share resources
Meet other families

just get it.

We like to say families fall in love with us the moment they walk through our doors. For a lot of homeschool parents, Moonrise is what they've been searching for their entire lives. No more DIY everything. No more frantically scrolling through Facebook trying to find field trips and homeschool days. No more posting on Nextdoor asking if neighbors have kids the same age as yours.

Moonrise is built by homeschoolers. For homeschoolers.

What parents Say

"The flexibility is wonderful"
"Perfect for homeschoolers"
"My son begs me to take him"
"Love that it's a safe space"

Schedule a tour
to get started.

If you have kids ages 5+ and would like to ask questions, see our space, and talk to our guides, schedule a tour to come visit.

It's as easy as 1, 2, 3.

How to get started

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