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the future.

Colearning is a new model of education where kids learn, build things, and play together in shared spaces outside of home and school. It combines the personalization and flexibility of homeschool with the amenities, staff, and built-in community of a private school.

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Colearning provides the same academic structure as homeschooling, but with the addition of learning guides, peers to collaborate with, on-demand access to resources, and built-in community. Kids accomplish learning goals by taking classes, reading books, watching videos, listening to podcasts, using apps, and completing projects with the help of learning guides. A broad analysis of scientific research on homeschooling found that homeschoolers perform better academically than their peers.

Boost Performance
15-30% higher test scores
Bloom's 2-Sigma approach
Interactive learning
Latest edtech


At colearning spaces, kids are surrounded by friends and peers, just like in traditional schools. But unlike schools, where kids spend most of their time sitting quietly in same-age classrooms, kids in colearning spaces learn and build things with friends and guides of all ages. They also form deeper bonds with their parents.

Learn together
Mixed ages
Team projects
Active classes
Field trips
Member events
Holidays and traditions
Built-in community

Future readiness.

School was built for a time when work meant a lifetime 9-5 office or factory job. Colearning spaces are built for the modern world, where work is increasingly remote, flexible, tech-enabled, and creative. Kids learn best when they work together on meaningful projects using the latest technology.

Learn in the future
Flexible hours
Remote friendly


Most schools are open from 8am-3pm and close during the summer. Private schools are expensive, charter schools are lotteries, and public schools have zoning restrictions. Colearning spaces solve these problems by giving families a flexible, affordable place for kids to learn and make friends close to home. They give parents a real choice in where their kids learn, rather than being stuck with zoning restrictions that force painful and expensive compromises.

Making it easy
9am-6pm every day
Open weekends
Summers included
No zoning restrictions
5x less than private school
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There is mounting scientific evidence that schools are stifling creativity. In a famous study conducted by NASA, 98% of kindergarteners scored at "genius level" for divergent thinking. By the time they reached adulthood, only 2% passed the test. Colearning empowers creativity by raising kids in environments that promote freedom, curiosity, experimentation, and rapid feedback.

Colearning empowers


Schools are known for desks, bells, cafeteria food, concrete walls, lectures, grades, homework, and increasing academic pressure. Colearning flips this paradigm with couches, plants, natural sunlight, beautiful music, flexible hours, meaningful projects, and inspiring learning guides.

A better environment
Big windows
Lots of plants
Hardwood tables
Comfortable seating
Relaxing music
Healthy snacks


Play is so important to a child's development that the UN recognizes it as a fundamental human right. It is linked to growth in memory, self-regulation, oral language, social development, and literacy. When children play, they become more focused, have greater attention spans, and perform better academically. Colearning spaces are filled with creative tools, learning materials, and toys which empower them to play and explore freely.

Play helps kids
Define goals
Solve problems
Take risks
Overcome failures
Collaborate with others
Grow their imagination
Find meaning
Learn boundaries

Think outside
the books.

Colearning empowers creativity, wellness, and play without sacrificing academic performance or socialization. It's an entirely new model of education that's more accessible, affordable, and convenient than schools, leaving kids happier, more creative, and prepared for the future.